Really? I love it.
Genie Leslie

Yeah, absolutely. I am maybe showing my age (36) but budget aps didn’t exist when I first had to figure things out which was about when I started grad school. (In college I lived in the dorms and ate in the cafeteria so there wasn’t a lot to keep track of) So my super old school and boring method was figure out how much money I was bringing in, figure out places my money had to go (rent, utilities, cell phone) and then how much did I have left. I tracked my spending in an spreadsheet.

To be fair my student loans were deferred and I had no credit card or medical or other debt. I drove a honda with 200,000 miles on it that had no payment. But in general the easier you keep things the easier it is to deal with.

I used to also make lists of things I wanted and never buy a thing until it had been on the list for at least 30 days and usually only if it was on sale. I’d allow myself to not bring lunch one day a week.

But yeah that interface is overly complex and terrible and totally turns me off from wanting to budget.

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