When my homeowner friends talk about this kind of stuff I am full of sympathy while also thinking…

Yeah you just don’t know how much to think things will cost before you’re making those calls all the time? It’s like when you move out for the first time and don’t realize how much spices or toilet paper costs. Like living here no matter what if I call a plumber out it’s 100 bucks. It’s never cheaper. (Unless i can get the plumber on my hockey team to work for baked goods, which I can, but I feel bad asking. He’s just offered and come through before)

Or when my hot water heater died and leaked all over I was lucky that it was in the unfinished “basement”* — it only cost me 800 bucks to replace/install where as my boss had his leak in a closet while they were gone for the weekend and do tons of damage to the carpet/padding and walls.

*A tiny cement floored room below my house that has the heater, hot water heater, extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies and wine.

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