The River Justice

— — — — — — — — — — — —

We stand on opposite banks of a river neither of us can cross. Yet, we have love undeniable.

This is our new reality. We don’t touch; we don’t share in daily routines, nor walk the same streets and paths. We hang out in different circles and talk with different friends. You have your gifts, your rewards, your challenges and I have mine. Only some of them we might share.

So be it.

Let’s not pretend things are as they used to be. We can never hope to run into one another on a corner; never hope to sit at the same table; never make paper airplanes or skip rocks together.

We can make these paperless messages and skip them across aether instead.

My words come from here, the here you can’t see. I can’t tell you all that I’ve become, nor should I. And much as I’d like to know your life, this river sets a limit on what can or should be known.

We will have to be content with making do with what we have … take austerity measures … do Greek. Probably a good thing to get used to.

Definitely a good thing to get used to.

If you can hear me, wave.

— — — — — — — — — —

River called Justice

flowing between you and me

skipping words across