Individual Idea Generation

I started my week by sketching 30 small concepts on my notebook which I scanned and attached below. They are all either ideas that will physically make the child more comfortable or mentally preoccupy the child to make them more comfortable.

New Warm-Up Game

I wrote down a few ideas for some new warm up games and one that I really enjoyed was the “Finish My Meme” game. The premise of this game is for one person to start a meme or vine and the first person to finish the meme gets to go next with another meme. When I presented this game to my group they did not seem very excited. So, I gave them my other options and they were really excited about “False!” which is a game where one person says a statement either about themselves or another person and the group has to determine if it is true or false.

Group playing “False!”

During the game, it started out very nice and quiet but as the game went on, people got more rude and funny. Since we are all friends and joke around with each other already, it was easy to make rude jokes and not get offended. However, if this were a group of people that had never met, it may have been awkward or boring or even rude if someone was daring enough.

Session Organization


Matthew Foote: Sophomore at UMN studying Political Sciences.

Kaitlin Truong: Sophomore at UMN studying Ecological and Environmental Engineering

Caleb Brolsma: Sophomore at UMN studying Civil Engineering

Kaden Braden: Sophomore at UMN studying Management

I held the brainstorming session in my apartment kitchen so that everyone had somewhere to write and could all see the post-its. I gave my ‘how might we’ statement to the group 24 hours in advance to prepare. They came with some concepts, but not full ideas. So, we started out by coming up with concepts that could be generated into ideas. We spent 30 minutes coming up with ideas, but I dedicated the last 5 minutes to dangerous ideas because it started out as all dangerous and I needed a way to get us back on track. I tried to contribute as minimal as possible since I had already generated 30 ideas, but if I felt the ideas were not flowing as much I would throw in a random idea from my notebook.

By the end, we ended up with a total of about 95 ideas, which divided by the 4 participants is 23 ideas each, which is then divided by the time spent to calculate 0.8 ideas per person per minute. I feel this is a good amount of ideas per person based off the fact that they are not part of design backgrounds and have never done a brainstorming session.

Sorting and Voting


We did the sorting process right after the 30 minutes for ideation was done. I was planning to do silent voting but I figured after ideation that this would not be a good choice for this group. I told them to sort the post-its into whatever categories they all agreed on. This was difficult at first because they are all pretty opinionated. However, after creating the first couple categories, they agreed a lot more and decided when they were finished. This process took around 10 minutes. Then, they told me the labels of the categories and I wrote them down. I forgot to photograph this process so the photos above were taken later. Next, I had them vote for what they thought were the top 5 most creative and top 5 most interesting. Even though I explained the difference and they said they understood, when I went back through the post-its it seemed they just voted for their favorite 10.

Top Ideas

Individual idea generation- do when I am in between classes or have free time from Wednesday (10/17/18) until Monday (10/22/18)

New Warm-Up Game- create on Friday (10/19/18) and use during session on (10/20/18)

Session Organization- do session on saturday (10/20/18) midday before people start to go out and do stuff.

Sorting and Voting- will be done on Saturday (10/20/18) with session

Top Ideas- will sketch and be done starting Saturday (10/20/18) and be finished by Tuesday (10/23/18)