OK, Trump Supporters. You win.

I am afraid.

You people do not uphold and you seek to nullify the values my parents worked and sacrificed so hard to imbue in me: respect for people not like myself, a belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to earn whatever they work for, and a belief in the power of common decency. You place all of these things at grave risk now in America. You seem willing to destroy everything of value about the country I love in an orgy of blood- and power-lust. You are the most awful people I can imagine.

My mother was a Democrat and my father a Republican. Our dinner table often hosted debates on civil rights and the Viet Nam War. Each of my parents had their own opinions, but neither one of them would have had any stomach for the likes of you. They married just as the Depression was ending. They worked very hard to raise seven of us kids. They knew some hard times. When people seek to explain your rage, your incivility, and your blind ignorance in terms of the economic strife you have encountered, I feel sorry for you. I really do. Then I think of my parents, ordinary people who had their flaws but who did not give in to violence toward their fellow countrymen. Each of them were worth more than all the tens of thousands or millions of you. That is true, even if you did not personally attack protesters or call for deportations. You stand behind the people who do these things.

I don’t fear you because I will lay down and let you have my country. You are not worth that. I will fight you and you will feel the fight. The thing that makes me afraid is the thought of the long, ugly, destructive battle ahead of all of us. I fear for what it will do to my country. I wish this battle could be settled with words, but my fear comes from the growing sense that it will require something more tangible. You are, in your own way, calling for a kind of war with your own countrymen. I can’t state it any more simply. You can’t just shit all over 240 years of belief and effort and not raise the outrage of a nation. God help you.

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