Crossing the Line in Battleground America
David Butow

Thanks for this, and for staying out there where the red meets the blue. I tried engaging with the other side, through the comment chain on a Breibart article that gave the second debate to Trump. I was saddened by the lack of willingness to engage in debate. When I tried to support an argument with a quote, in answer to what I had heard Ms. Clinton say that I liked, I was called, “scripted.” When I tried to argue that you can’t conclude that Ms. Clinton is a “crook” or against America without evidence, I was told that I was name-calling (?). Trump supporters made vile scatalogical references about Ms. Clinton, invoked comic book heroes to support their point of view, and just kept repeating the same “crook” accusations and assertions of crimes. No evidence. No attempt to build an argument. It was as though anger vindicated itself. I really want to believe we can be one nation, but if we are going to, there has to be some fundamental shift in how we talk with one another.

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