Unqualified Yes

Hillary Clinton is smart enough to know that the policies needed to meet today’s challenges have to be conditional, nuanced, and that they are therefore difficult to navigate in conversation and impossible to represent in sound bites. I’m glad she doesn’t speak from her gut, because that would be foolish for a president to do. When she aspires on our behalf toward a better America, I believe every word, because I know that she has years of experience, so I know the aspiration that is still there has got to come from a place tougher than most of us can understand.

I want to see health care strengthened and college tuition costs mitigated, and a host of other things, and I understand that those things can only be achieved by someone who can bring a wide variety of constituencies together. I could never take Bernie Sanders seriously because of that. Like it or not, our system says we govern together. The next Commander-in-Chief will preside over even more bitter divisions than we have been through thus far. You don’t need to look too far past the election to see that the Republic is in serious trouble in this regard. Hillary Clinton started her campaign with exactly the words that will be needed. She told us that she is listening. I don’t think that was just advertisement; I think it was an honest assessment of how she approaches governance. Examples from people with direct experience of her seem to bear that out.

Wake up, America. We have a candidate we can be honestly and justifiably proud of. Opposing her, we have a candidate we should all be deeply ashamed of.