A Request to Remember your Sense

This is a request to remember your senses, and your purposes too.

As well, I would wish to ask you to make certain changes.

Lastly, please remember that it is your attitude that determines you.

Discipline is a difficult endeavour, of this there is never doubt,

It’s not easy to keep the money stored away when there is fun about

They feel good — tequila kicks, beautiful boys, and bumble drops

But you’re still going to feel lonely when all the excitement stops.

The first change I would ask, is to overcome hedonistic immoderation,

Discipline yourself to know that a great future takes hard work and determination.

Yes I said a great future, is that not the only thing you really and truly desire?

Well then I suggest you stop chucking back shooters, they are dousing your fire.

A second change I would ask you to make is to remember that it is a decision.

Every time you wake up and with every first step, decide to make it your mission,

To be happy today and to do just the very best you can, and then a little extra.

Decide every moment that you spend awake to make yourself and others better.

The third change may be somewhat more difficult than the two that came before,

I and you need you to know that discomfort is necessary if you ever wish to be more.

Stop squirming away from the things that you need to accomplish,

Stop blaming the pain and labour as the reason you didn’t finish.

The reason you didn’t finish is because you weren’t strong enough to push through,

This is the change that I and you really most of all need from you.

A day spent painfully working hard towards your every dream and hope,

Is a day most difficult, but most important, and it’s vital you learn to cope.

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Originally published at garretbrent.wordpress.com on August 18, 2015.