Andy Cohen and the Gay Male Gaze
anna dorn

As a gay man, I’ve always been aware of how other gay men treat their female friends in a misogynistic manner. It’s always upset me, and I’ve always called it out. I think for a lot of gay men — who often have no power in the male-arena — exercising power over their female friends is how they help themselves feel the masculinity a lot of us crave. It’s a sad cycle of two minorities that have historically faced subjugation to the patriarchy.

I myself was raised by a father that would crack me over the head if I EVER did anything to demean a woman. Even after coming out, I’ve carried through these intrinsic, deep-seated lessons of valuing and respecting the female. It often results in me being very over-protective of my female friends, getting aggressive towards anyone that disrespects them, and putting my own happiness and comfort aside to ensure they are not mistreated. I’ve often wondered if this is a healthy attitude towards woman, because deep down, I might be assuming that they cannot look after themselves and need me, a knight in shining armour, to protect them from the world.


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