Another night in Finsbury Park

Today I walked for miles. For work meetings, I walked to Leyton and then to Walthamstow and this evening I walked down to the Finsbury Park Mosque for a vigil organised by Stand Up To Racism. It was the warmest day of the year and my walk took me by people who were hot and busy and full of London bustle. In full hijab or Orthodox Jewish black, people looked hot and hassled and slightly anxious.

So I stopped at the place where the terrorist incident happened on Seven Sisters Road. A lady in a head scarve was pinning a long letter to the wall. Then on to the Mosque, a place which has seen far too many protests and attacks in the past.

The old left were there, of course. The Socialist Worker’s Party of my youth. And the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the NUT. But also local people. They came from the tube and took pictures from the bus and stood next to each other on another hot London evening.

And Jeremy Corbyn came and spoke of unity and compassion. For a moment, it was all ok. We had each other. We were home.

There’s still some way to travel though. To fight those who spread hate. To stand tall against those who wish to divide us.

But tonight, for a moment, we were all together.

Thanks to all those who shared my other blog yesterday. It meant a lot.