Week 4 “REACT”

We are gearing up for the new new, the tool we have all been waiting for. React! It’s an open-source JavaScript framework used to create fast, simple and scalable web applications. It was created by a software engineer at Facebook, where it was actually implemented in 2011. It has grown tremendously and is now used on a number of big websites such as Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb and imgur! It allows developers to create large web apps that can have changing data without constantly reloading the page.

This is gonna be cool. Everything we have been learning is going to come together. This is going to be a huge tool/skill that will help me in the future. It seems as though React came out and put a lot of other frameworks to shame. I haven’t started writing code with React yet but have heard of the bundling of html and javascript together to make JSX. It sounds super cool, I can tell after just months of coding that I like to try and keep my code somewhat clean. I think that working with JSX components will be really nice!

I am really enjoying the design aspect of programming. I can tell that we are learning very current methods and Jason is a hell of an instructor! Even though I feel a little overwhelmed at times I just try to have an open mindset and tackle one problem at a time. The Iron Yard is probably the best decision I’ve made in a very long time.

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