MakerSquare Journey — In the beginning

Just finished up Day 4 of Week 1. The past four days have FLOWN BY. I have learned so much in such a short period of time that it is exciting to think about how much I will know by the end of this class. I feel like such a novice in the realm of computer programming, yet my knowledge is already light years ahead of what I used to know. I am starting to realize how difficult it is to build a fully functional website or web application, and to keep it functioning properly.

After yesterday and today, my brain feels like it has gotten quite the workout. Yesterday we touched on an intro to debugging, and an intro to Stack and Queue data structures. We also learned about object classes, decorators, and prototype chains. A function is an object?? Like whaaaaa! Everything is an object. Mind blown.

Today we began with Complexity Analysis, touched on more advanced data structures, and covered prototypal classes as well as pseudoclassical classes.

They have a great process of teaching here. It consists of a combination of class lectures, self guided tutorials, and pair programming exercises. All three really help to drive home the ideas.

As for my classmates, there are a lot of great people, and really smart ones too. I look forward to getting to know them more and building lasting relationships.