The Promise of an All-Natural Molly
Haley Hamilton

After reading your article I was very excited to try the product/supplement. After receiving the shipment, I followed the storage recommendations and strictly adhered to the usage directions.

I took the product on four separate occasions and each time did not let other drugs (legal and/or illegal) interfere with my experience.

I am sad to say that there was no effect. In addition, I had other participants take the product in the off chance that I my metabolism or digestive system was some sort of outlier which precluded me from having a similar experience as the writer of this article. The other participants encountered a similar experience (or lack thereof).

Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that either Haley is an outlier or that she is being paid by Limitless Life to write this article.

My strong suggestion is to not waste one’s money on this product or if you do order the smallest amount possible.

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