Social Media Show & Tell

Social Media platforms such as podcasts, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, are all platforms that content and followers are a huge factor of being well known in the social media world. Getting your name out there in the social media world is key to being recognized. Artists who make YouTube videos and Facebook videos try to get the most views because that is what ultimately gets their work in front of other people. Word of mouth marketing is huge for these people because their market can grow very rapidly. Content is the most important for Instagram because if you don’t have good content, nobody will want to like the photo if it is bad content. What was interesting to me was how that I heard of Facebook, within the next five years, will be all videos because no one wants to read a long message, they want to be able to see real video and how live videos are going to be a big part of Facebook and growing the visual content on social media. Hashtags, are one of the things that gets people to encounter other content on social media. If you are posting a piece on content on a social media platform, make sure you use a hashtag because then other related things can be seen and that is how marketing can grow on the web. Politics are a very touchy subject but I liked how the podcast guru, talked about knowing your audience and speaking to what your audience wants to hear, not what you think they want to hear. Overall, I gained a lot of insight on how to promote my social media content and understanding what different markets are looking for in their social media posts.