Why 10x Marketers Focus On Only 1 Metric

Garrett Moon
Feb 19, 2018 · 5 min read

Today, most marketers don’t have a data problem — they have a filtering problem.

There is an endless sea of data to be gathered; from referral traffic to user engagement and every granular detail in between.

However, even with all of this data, B2B content marketers still face significant performance challenges:

  • 60% report difficulty producing engaging content…
  • 57% have problems measuring content effectiveness…
  • 52% struggle to measure the ROI of their content marketing…

The truth is, data is only as useful as your ability to put it to work. However, this issue is solved with the framework I call the “One Metric That Matters” (1MTM).

Pursue Your 1MTM

The crux of the 1MTM framework is relentless focus on growing the metric most closely related to growth.

Now, the growth a company like IBM is after will look a little (or a lot) different than a new startup. While the metrics that define success and growth may differ, the principle of 1MTM will not.

Regardless of the stage your business is in, the 1MTM framework applies. Here’s an excerpt from to explain:

Put Your Data To Work With 1MTM

There’s a fun Russian proverb that reads: “If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.”

The same is true for marketers and their metrics. To get results, you must focus on the one metric that matters most for your current stage.

What is the metric most closely tied to growth for your company?

Let’s say your ultimate goal is 500 qualified leads each month. The first step is to reverse engineer what you’ll need to get there.

The destination may be 500 leads, but how much traffic is your website getting?

What if you only have 2,500 visitors each month… Can you really convert 20% of them into qualified leads?

Probably not. But you can convert 5%, right?

In this case, you need 10,000 visitors per month for your website to produce the 500 leads you’re after. So, your 1MTM is website visitors. Your sole goal is to increase your traffic from 2,500 users to 10,000.

Ready To Go Further?

Getting tenfold results requires extreme focus and discipline. But by implementing 1MTM, you can get 10x results every time.

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