6 Habits For The Productive Job Hunter.

You’ve just entered the job market with the daunting task of finding your next gig. As some will tell you it’s a full time job looking for a job. While that’s true, try to keep in mind that it’s not often you have this much free time. Here are some tips that I’ve learned along the way to be the most productive while still having a bit of fun-employment.

1. Wake up early
 It’s important to maintain the same morning routine that you had when you were working. And waking up at the same time or even a bit earlier will provide the most hours during the day. Sure, it’s ok to take the first week or so to sleep in and be lazy but don’t make a habit of it.

2. Get dressed 
It’s all about how you feel and your attire has a hand in that. You would never go to work in your pajama’s, neither should you for your new gig — job hunting. This simple tip will go a long way for your productivity and motivation. It will help you feel like to you have purpose and need to get things done. You never know when a nearby networking opportunity will come up so it’s important to be prepared.

3. Mobile workspace
I had a flexible schedule at my last job. I could work from home or the office — wherever I could be most productive. But now that you’re out of work you’ll be spending a lot more time at home. And sooner than later you’ll just want to get out. With free public Wi-Fi at your local Starbucks or Corner Bakery it’s easy to post up for the afternoon and make that your mobile office. Personally I’ve had some of my most productive days at my local Starbucks (where do you think I’m writing this article from?). Plus, it tricks your mind into thinking you’ve spent the afternoon at “the office.”

4. Check an item off the bucket list
Being in between jobs is a great time to travel, pursue some life goals or check something off of your bucket list. For me the LA Marathon was a life goal. For the three months leading up I was able to train every day and truly dedicate myself. And who has the energy to run 10–15 miles when you get home from work? Training goes way beyond spending an hour at the gym. Trust me, that won’t cut it. The marathon was an amazing life experience and I did pretty well, finishing in five and a half hours. And when recruiters ask you (and they will) what you’ve been doing while out of work, you’ll have at least one pretty cool story to tell them.

5. Have fun 
This seems like a pretty obvious point but it’s worth stating again. Just like a regular job, it’s important to have balance and not let yourself get burnt out. This is a great chance to explore your city or take up a new hobby. This is the time to focus on yourself and find things that fulfill you outside of your regular responsibilities. It can be going to a new museum or exploring different parts of the city. There are a ton of free or free-adjacent (as I call them) activities; you just have to be creative.

6. Build your personal brand
It’s never too late to acknowledge that you have a personal brand and it’s important to market yourself accordingly. Your resume and a LinkedIn profile won’t cut it anymore. Recruiters look at your digital presence, so make it as authentic as possible. There are great options out there like SquareSpace (www.squarespace.com) for building your personal website or Medium (www.medium.com), which is a simple but robust publishing platform. It’s more common than ever for recruiters to look up your life online to learn about you, your work and the ability to convey your value.