Public Relations Job

Upon reading the articles, I found that my future career field is actually doing better than when I first researched it. Public Relations is the reason why I am getting a communication degree in college. There are many facets of the public relations field that each have a specific job. This offers a more personalized job experience for potential job seekers.

Through reading the articles, I found out that the unemployment rate is very low. This is great news and gives me hope that my chosen career path is still going strong and in the right direction. If the rates were high, that would make trying to find a job right out of college extremely difficult.

My specific choice is a public affairs specialist. These people are the ones that adjust and influence the public’s relationship with a specific business or organization. This article also listed some of the top public relations companies in the market today. Edelman is listed as the highest, and that is the organization that I am trying to get an internship with.

The pay for a career in public relations is very competitive. Because the job offers room for advancement, there is room for a pay increase. The median pay is around $55,680. For an average starting pay, the career offers good financial security for people just getting into the business. I hope to actually make it to the higher pay scale, which can be an upwards of $100,000.

The growth of the profession is changing due to new social media that changes and grows each year. With each new development in social media, public relations workers have to change their communicative techniques. This offers the field cutting edge access to the newest global trends and information. It is exciting to see what new technology will be implemented by the time I am working in the field.