Superheroes don’t always have superpowers, but they do have an inquisitive spirit that sets them apart.

Every day, they unleash their inner superhero by asking lots of questions.

Ask lots of questions.

It’s the best way to find out more about yourself, others, and the world.

That curiosity will help you in every way possible.

Ask questions and touch everything.

If you were to ask intelligent questions, the answers would lead to an amazing journey.

Intuition is the greatest tool you have

Trust your gut first and foremost
Make a big leap of faith
Don’t be afraid to try something new+

The More You Rely On Your Intuition, The Farther You’ll Go.



Garrett Hoyos

Garrett Hoyos


I am a creator where art science and technology intertwine. Love is the only connection that matters at the end of the day, so why not focus on love and VR?