When VR creates it’s first Candy Crush game, it will become unstoppable. A wave will hit the world like a tsunami of force.

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It’s our job to create this game as highly addictive and compelling to play as possible. To trigger a D.0.S.E (dopaminse, oxytocin, seratonin, endorphin) response that makes you crave coming back to play again and again.

But this time… It won’t be Candy Crush. It will be all about community, consciousness, and climate change.

It’s our job to create an army of conscious minded community to be the rebels of society and make lasting change for generations to come.

Virtual Reality isn’t about gaming. It’s about the future of society.

Climate change is not a political issue, it’s about no longer being takers, and starting to be caretakers. …

I believe the coming increase of internet speeds globally will likely create a world where we just need screens and batteries — we will all be able to tap into quantum computing soon. Imagine telling someone in the 1980's about your smart phone right now. What would you say?

They might think you were talking about Star Trek.

More technological progress will happen in the next ten years with AI, VR, and Blockchain than we saw from 1980–2020. Are you prepared?

With an internet connection and a screen, everyone will be able to tap into multi-sensory experiences — virtual worlds unparalleled to anything you understand to be possible today.

The human cyborg is fast approaching. Get ready to download the future.

Level 2 is coming.

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I just experienced this VR experience unlike any other called SoundSelf and I believe it’s one of the first dominoes to fall in the merging of spirituality, art, and technology.

I interviewed the CEO earlier this year before trying it myself (New Revolutionary Video Game for Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence).

I’m pretty public about how I was a faithful Mormon (Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) who turned to Secular Buddhism for answers beyond the borders of my religion. It was there I found peace.

To judge something as good or bad is very human. It is what has kept us alive!

It’s what we do when we domesticate things.

How domesticated you are depends on how much deprogramming you’ve been able to do. Once you’re deprogrammed from how you were raised, you are open to the possibilities of an entirely new reality not governed by the choices of your ancestors. …


Garrett Hoyos

I am a creator where art science and technology intertwine. Love is the only connection that matters at the end of the day, so why not focus on love and VR?

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