The Gain Train 💪🏻🌱

Making Life Gains Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

Being, doing, and living a healthy, fit lifestyle has been my life and goal for the past 3–4 years. I am 23 years old now so right around when I graduated high school. There are not too many things in life that I enjoy so much and spend so much of my time pursuing and learning about. Books, YouTubes, Articles, Podcasts, other health and fitness junkies..if it is going to teach me how to feel better, optimize my health, sleep better, make some muscle gains, or have superhero powers, then I am all in. Although I have such a great passion for that, it is not to say I have been grinding it out day in and day out for these past few years dieting and training like a madman. I have definitely fallen off the path more than a few times..and it cost me some physical gains and development along the way. On the contrary to that though, I feel like it showed me lessons for my life in other areas. “Hick-ups”that started with my physical being (bad eating, not working out, etc.), turned into mental and spiritual lessons for my life, not just physical lessons.

For example, one thing I can know to be true for success in any area of my life is, consistency.

  • When I am consistent with my diet and training, my body looks the part
  • When I am consistent with meditating, stress response goes way down
  • When I express gratitude every morning, I notice less resentment towards people, more compassion, more love, more genuine happiness
  • When I “consistently” eat In-N-Out burgers and fries “Animal Style” while on vacation, my body looks THAT kind of part (one that has more rounded edges and puffy cheeks lol)

CONSISTENCY is the key. It is like a universal truth. Whether you use it to your advantage (practicing meditating to be less stressed during the day) or not (eating bad food every day and gaining fat). Consistency always seems to produce some kind of outcome in a sooner rather than later time frame.

Like i was saying in the first paragraph, the lessons I was learning in my physical growth from falling off the grind and getting back on, were directly related to my mental and spiritual growth. At least the same principles were.

The principle I pull out most often from those times is CONSISTENCY.

Even when I “fall off”. If for the majority of time I remain consistent with it, I will over come whatever downfall I had, and that little down fall won’t even be noticeable in the big picture.

To close things up with a little fun fact, I practice trading Foreign Exchange. I did a free online school for over a year called and had a mentor for a while. At the end of the schooling they had review points to recap what you learned and some advice as you try and venture off into the world of day trading.

What was their number one piece of advice?

STAY IN THE GAME. Do whatever you can to just stay in the game, because those who can last the longest, have the highest chance of succeeding.

How practical is that for everyday life as well?

Just hang in there! Do not Give up! Be CONSISTENT…and stay in the game.

It is something I have to learn again nearly every day. I am not perfect by any means, but with enough time, consistency, and constantly staying in the game, I think I will have a pretty good chance of getting to where I want to go. And the same goes for you!

If you are reading this I encourage you with that. Get on the gain train, be consistent, and stay in the game.