The Silent Cycle Of Lies & Sedation

The Enemy At The Gate Is Preventing All Married Businessmen From Accessing The Man They Want To Be Exactly The Same Way!

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My brother.

Today is the finale of this series.

Today is the final opportunity for you to take on the $1 Trial of The Warriors Journey Home Study System.

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Yesterday I sent you an email discussing the Silent Cycle Of Lies and Sedation of men.

I set the stage for the conversation and then shared with you the first stage.

Today I want to share with you the other 5.


(If you missed the first email that outlines this stage CLICK HERE TO READ)

Today we dive down into the next five stages.


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During this stage, men begin to demonstrate a false reality and project an identity to their wife, employees, children, and community that is a complete contradiction to how they feel inside.

  • They suppress what they think when no one is around.
  • They suppress how they behave behind locked doors.
  • They take on the identity, the stories, and posture of a man who they believe people want them to be as opposed to who they are.
  • They make commitments they don’t want to make.
  • They laugh at shit they don’t think is funny.
  • They plaster smiles on their face and act like everything is fucking awesome(when in reality they feel like they’re walking a tightrope that could give out at any moment)
  • They pretend like they’re executing some big ass plan.

Busy collecting information and preparing to launch their “big idea” for their business…(when in reality they’re fucking paralyzed by fear and they’ve become information junkies to delay doing the fucking work necessary actually to launch)

  • They act as if they care about shit; they don’t.
  • They throw up as many delusions as possible on the walls of social media about their lives trying to throw people off the scent of their truth.
  • They try to come across as a man who has all the answers with a business that’s “crushing it” and a “perfect marriage.”

(when in reality they’re holding it all together with a few strands of twine).

Now The Shit-Storm Starts To Gain Momentum.

The disconnect between “the song & dance” they put on for people — and the reality they’re suppressing — creates constant tension and serious conflict between two different narratives.

One is false.

The other is real.

And it’s inside this constant struggle to bury one’s narrative and pretend like the other one is real — where men become exhausted by the amount of energy and effort required to suppress the truth.


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The conflict and tension caused by all the suppression force a man into a position where he removes himself from the people he loves most.

I want you to consider this,

The people you love the most, end up serving as a type of mirror to the man you’re trying to suppress.

For example,

Spending Time Just Hanging Out With Your Wife And Kids Can Be A Harsh Reminder Of The Disconnection…

…you’re experiencing and the fear and confusion that comes with it.

Being around your employees opens up the opportunity to be faced with the reality that you don’t know what the fuck is going on with revenue, who’s going to have to go, and what moves you need to take as a company to solve the massive problems you’re facing.


What do you do?

  • You look for every opportunity to get out of the house.
  • You stay at work late when you don’t have to…and then claim, “you’re busting your ass to provide for the family.”
  • You lock yourself in your office, hoping your employees don’t come asking questions and dumping fires on your desk.
  • You lean on bravado and hype to overcompensate for the stranglehold that fear has on you.


Whatever route you choose to seek isolation,

The fact is this,

  • You stop engaging inside all your meaningful relationships and begin to distance yourself from them.
  • You stop looking for help.
  • You stop reaching out for guidance.
  • You stop concerning yourself with others.

And as a result of the energy and effort you exert to suppress and isolate yourself.

You begin to feel empty, Isolated, and alone.

When you hit this point, you now enter the 4th stage of the cycle.


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Men turn to sedation to escape.

They turn to sedation to numb the feelings of emptiness.

Rather than get home and play with their kids or engage in meaningful conversations with their wife — they pour a stiff cocktail and grab the remote instead.

They bury their face in their phone.

They drift off into fantasy worlds of video games and social media to escape reality.

In the mornings, when they arise, pop pills, over-caffeinate, and reach for the blow to get a false sense of confidence and happiness.

Then they drown themselves in alcohol and hit the weed to come down and dull their senses at night.


The sedation game also leads men to make VERY. POOR. DECISIONS.

With Their Bodies,

Overeating begins.

It’s easy to poke fun at Exercise and proper nutrition.

“Dad-Bods” become a joke men hide behind to make them feel better about letting themselves go.

The drugs and alcohol that used to be “recreational” and something “they only did on the weekends” — becomes part of their daily routine.

With There Being, Spiritually, men become numb and empty.

They may go to church, pray before dinner and talk about “how great God is” to their friends — but it’s more of a routine and a “show” than it is anything related to a deep connection with a higher power.

With Their Balance, they start to distance themselves from their wives and children.

They begin to lean on porn and masturbation for satisfaction and a feeling of connectedness.

Some men slide far enough into the cycle that they begin sleeping with other women.

They Lose Appreciation And Gratitude For Their Wife — Seeing Everything She Does And Puts Up With As Merely “Her Job.”

They begin resenting her for not having to deal with the same stress and anxiety as they are — making it impossible for them to see that SHE IS — and it’s because of them.

With Their Business, men start to Lose confidence and certainty.

They make weak decisions.

They struggle to stay on task, fight with their focus, and procrastination overtakes their ability to produce.

A lot of hours are spent doing pointless shit — and nothing gets accomplished.

This sedation leaves men with nothing else but fake bravado, bullshit motivation, and manipulation to lead their teams and family with — and to overcompensate for their lack of production.

At this point, a man begins to enter the 5th stage.


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“Nobody knows what I’m feeling.”

  • “If they only knew what type of fucked up shit was going on in my head.”
  • “If my employees only knew the truth and that Is I have no fucking clue what our next move should be.”
  • “If my wife only knew I had my eyes glued to porn every night this week and just finished jerking off to the fantasy of sleeping with one of my employees.”

What would they say?

“If everyone knew what I was thinking and feeling what would they think?

Once you get trapped inside of this aloneness men, start feeling like nobody would understand, like they’re the only ones with these thoughts, fears, and challenges.

Like they’re the only ones living a lie


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Once the unworthiness kicks in where you’ll start sabotaging your marriage and relationship with your children because subconsciously (and consciously sometimes) you feel,

“How Can Anyone Love Such A Fucking Piece Of Shit?”

And so you start burning shit down.

Burning Shit Down In your business,

  • You start finding ways to get rid of money.
  • You start firing good people.
  • You stop pushing and taking the risk.
  • You take your eye off the ball and let shit slide that you never used to.
  • You spend more time trying to avoid fires rather than putting them out and building systems to prevent them from happening again.

Burning Shit Down In Your marriage Your Wife Will Start Trying To Reach Out And Connect With You Asking You To….

“Please come home and spend time with her and the kids.”

She sees the stress on your face. She notices the empty bottles in the recycling bins. She watches you walk away from the family to “get some more work done.”

And she’ll do her best to help and reel you back in.

But inside that place of unworthiness — you lash out in anger and frustration and push her away.

Not because you’re mad at her — but because her questions and her efforts remind you that something is off in your life and “you’re fucking it up.”

Eventually, she’ll stop reaching out.

To you, at least.

She’ll bury herself into the kids because at least they let her into their world.

And if you’re not careful, she’ll find that connection in another man.

One who gives her the appreciation, attention, and gratitude she deserves.

One that asks how her day went.

One that doesn’t need a birthday or Mother’s Day to buy flowers and wash the fucking dishes.

You are burning Shit Down With Your kids.

Your kids will reach out too,

  • “Daddy, can you play with me?”
  • “Daddy, can you tell me a story?”
  • “Dad, can you help me with something?”

You Do The Same To Them, You Shut Them Down.

  • “I’m tired; I’ve been working all day.”
  • “Just give me a god-damn second — I need to send this email”
  • “Go ask your mother.”
  • “Sorry, daddy’s had a long day.”

Eventually, they’ll stop reaching out to you too.

You’ll walk in the house, and they won’t even lift their heads to acknowledge you’re there.

Their hugs will feel empty.

They’ll stay in their room and do their best to avoid you.

They’ll have questions about life and the shit they experience — but they won’t confide in you; they’d rather have those discussions with their friends’ fathers then they do with you.

You can only hope your daughters won’t go looking for the validation and attention you never gave her from a fucking douche-bag twice her age.

You better hope your son doesn’t disconnect and turn to drugs, alcohol, and getting into trouble with the local shit-heads who validate him and make him feel worthy.

This “Unworthiness” Feeds The Lie Of “I’m Broken And Fucked Up”…Which Causes You To Suppress, which causes you to sedate and isolate even more.

They are pushing you deeper and deeper into feeling even more alone and unworthy.

And the cycle continues in constant motion building and building until you’re left standing in the ashes of everything you once built.

And If You Don’t Break Out Of This Cycle, That’s What’s Going To Happen.

Believe me,

I know.

I’ve been there and done that, TWICE!


Here’s What I Know To Be True About This Cycle.

It’s ALL one big fucking lie.

You’re NOT broken.

You’re just human.

There’s nothing wrong with you.


The operating system you are leveraging to navigate your life is not working.

In fact,

If you’re not happy with the results, you’re getting in your life,

Whether it’s in your Body, Being, Balance And Business (or all 4)

I can guarantee it’s not YOU that’s broken and causing the frustration and lack of results.

… It’s the system and mindset you’re using to operate your life with, as well as the men you choose to associate with regularly.

That’s all it is.


Right now,

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There’s A Disconnect Between The Vision Of The Man You Want To BE — And The Man You’re BEING.

(Click Here To Begin Your $1 Trial)

And the only thing holding you back from becoming that man — are your rules, beliefs, system, and associations.

That’s it.


There Is A Man Inside You Right Now Who Is 10x The Producer You Are.

  • He’s a better father.
  • He’s a better husband.
  • He’s a better businessman.
  • He has better sex.
  • He’s a better athlete and in better shape.

That man is already inside of you.

You don’t have to have some bullshit breakthrough to become a “brand-new you.”

He already exists; he needs to be activated.

But you can’t activate him by playing by the same rules and using the same system that has led you to the position you’re in now.

It’s impossible.

If Bentley wants their assembly machine to crank out Bentleys, but they keep getting Hondas — it’s not the man operating the system who needs to change.


The same is true in your life.

You live driven by an internal operating system.

You created your operating system, and it shapes by your beliefs and experiences of the past.

No Amount Of Effort And “ Want To” Can Override The System — UNLESS, That Effort And “ Want To” Is Put Into Creating A New System.


  • You want to make more money and keep more of the money you make?
  • You want to connect with your wife and have more sex and intimacy in your relationship?
  • You want to be the exact man you’d want your daughter to marry and son to be one day?
  • You want a body that gives you strength, energy, and confidence — that you value?
  • Do you want a deeper understanding and love for yourself?

All you have to do is shatter your old system.

Take it behind the shed and put it out of its fucking misery.

Then turn around and create a NEW system that predictably generates the results you want.

The only question is, HOW?

How do you remove an old system of living and create a new one with powerful routines that produce the results you want?

The process is straightforward.

But it’s NOT easy.

We’ve Been Able To Share Our Process With Over Fifty-Thousand Men Over The Last Seven Years.

And although some men may sit back and argue over specific strategies and principles we use.

What they can’t argue with are the results the men are getting who use them.



I want to allow you to get your hands on our “process” (AKA lifestyle system) that has transformed the lives of thousands of men and their families for $1.

All you have to do is sign up for the trial today before midnight, and your 14-day trial begins.

I look forward to meeting you inside The Warriors Journey Home Study System

Click Here To Begin Your $1 Trial.


Garrett J. White

Founder, Wake Up Warrior

PS I learned a long time ago the power of decisions. Seven Years ago, I felt this voice inside me that told me to turn on a camera and start sharing the Warriors Way Message. I could have never predicted that seven years later I’d be writing letters like this.

There are no small decisions, and your decision to secure a seat in the 14 Day Trial will be the most significant decision you will make in 2019.


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FOUNDER of Wake Up Warrior; AUTHOR of Warrior Book & Be The Man; HOST: Warrior On Fire Daily Pod Cast; CO-HOST; Date Your Wife Pod Cast.

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