You’re About To Discover…

…THE QUIET LITTLE LIE, Married Businessmen Unknowingly Tell Themselves That Inevitably Leads To…

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And the vicious 6-stage cycle of Sabotage they get trapped inside of — that eventually leaves them standing in the ashes of their business, marriage, and health.

Plus, THE ONE THING you can do in the next 48 hours to liberate yourself from the grips of this cycle — so that you can rake in more profits, ignite your sex life, recharge your marriage, connect with your children and take back control of your body; ALL at the same time.

But First.

How do you know if you’re trapped Inside This Vicious “Cycle-Of-Sabotage”?…

…And What Causes It?

There are Several Symptoms A Man Can Experience To Alert Them That They’re Hung Up Inside Of This Cycle, But There’s Only One Cause. (And It’s Hidden)

You See,

There’s a reason the divorce rate amongst businessmen is steadily climbing at a higher rate than the rest of the population.

In fact,

According to Marriage.Com and — The divorce rate amongst businessmen is 10% higher than the rest of the population.

Not surprising.

There’s Also A Reason Married Businessmen Struggle With At Least 2 or 3 of the following:

The list can go on, but I’ll spare you the “Magna Carta” of symptoms I could layout.

Most of which I’ve personally experienced throughout my journey.

(As I have been vulnerably sharing this entire week Including the Showe Sex Story)


let me be clear.

Not Every Man Is Going To Experience EVERY One Of The Symptoms I Just Laid Out.

But the truth is,

Each symptom has a direct connection to at least 1 of the 4 dimensions to a man’s life, and most men are struggling with at least 2–3 of those dimensions at any given time.

“What are they?”

1- BODY (health and fitness):

2- BEING (spiritual connection to a higher power and Yourself):

3- BALANCE (relationship inside of your marriage and with your kids):

4- BUSINESS (Profits, systems, sales, marketing, and leadership):

I don’t know, Brother?

Maybe you have one of those dimensions locked down.

Or maybe you’re like I was.

All four dimensions of your life are spiraling downwards, out of control, and you seem to be hitting every obstacle on the way down.

At any rate,

Whichever symptoms you are or are NOT experiencing…

…My question to you is this,

What Do You Think Causes All These Symptoms?

It can’t just be a coincidence that the majority of married businessmen are experiencing the same type of shit.

I mean,

For something so widely spread amongst one group of men- wouldn’t common sense say there’s gotta be a shared “defect” that’s fucking all of us up?

“YES” — Common sense and basic logic would dictate that line of thinking.

And they’d be correct.

But what is it?

What’s the “shared defect,” causing all the chaos in our life?


While society scratches their head trying to figure all this shit out with medicine and “safe spaces”…

…Politicians are twisting it into fucking talking points.

…Churches might skim the surface of the issue (if they even dare to bring it up)

…And most men justify these life-sucking symptoms as “just the way life is sometimes.”


I’ve Got The Real Answer

I Know What Causes Married Businessmen To Get Trapped Inside A World Of Destructive Behavior…

…That Sabotages Their Business, Marriage, and Health, And I See Know The Way Out.

I’ll share it with you in just a minute.

But before I do,

I want you to know something.

I Found “The Cause” And “The Way Out”

- The Hard Way

It was NOT because I was unique in any way.

It was NOT because “God” told me.

Through my demise and destruction, I had little to no choice.

My situation left me with an ultimatum to find out how I got there and how I was going to escape.


I wasn’t always the man I am today, as I have been sharing with you the past week.

I’ve been at the crossroads with my wife, my kids, my finances, and my business.

They were all hanging in the balance.

We were all dangling by a thread.

I was burning my businesses down to the ground one by one.


I Found Myself Trapped Inside A Confusing World Where I Was Always Cutting My Legs Out From Under Me.

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I had destructive patterns of behavior that pushed me further and further away from the man I wanted to be away from the man my family NEEDED me to be.

It was through my bullshit — and the painful process I went through to learn how to rise and break myself out of that world.

My bullshit was the trigger to allow me to discover the cause of what trapped me inside this world and the map that led me out.

(I dive much deeper into these dark times inside The Warriors Journey Home Study System, and I would love to show you over fourteen days for a simple investment of $1)


It took me a decade of hard work, sleepless nights, and racking up multiple 7-figures worth of investment to uncover the science of The Warriors Journey System.

Then I had to build an efficient system that I could apply the science inside to become the man I wanted to be.

Since then, I’ve been sharing this system with thousands upon thousands of men who have used it to escape their world of stress, pain, lies, anxiety, mediocrity, and underachievement.

Each man was coming from totally different walks of life, with challenges as diverse as the gene pool from which they originated.

And yet The ONE THING holding them hostage was the EXACT SAME.

It didn’t matter if they were the founder of a Fortune 500 company or a car salesman.

It didn’t matter if they were 35 years old or 60.

It didn’t matter if they were on the brink of suicide or just confused why they weren’t making as much money as they wanted.

The circumstances and symptoms didn’t matter.

The enemy at the gate is preventing all married businessmen from accessing the man they want to be the same.

What was it?


Here’s how it works.

It begins with the confusion and frustration you’re experiencing by your lack of results.

Whether it’s the lack of sex you’re having, the money you’re making, the connection you’re feeling to your kids or God.

The lack of health, strength, confidence, and energy you’re feeling from your body.

Whatever it is,

You begin to question why your life isn’t working.


It’s from this place of frustration and confusion that the 1st stage of the cycle get’s set into motion.


After wrestling around with the questions of why your life isn’t going the way you want — you begin to tell yourself this one small and highly destructive lie.

It usually comes out like this,

“I’m broken.”


“Something is fucking wrong with me.”

Both of these are false statements (I’ll tell you why in just a minute).

You experience this as a feeling of being detached from the man you want to be or thought you were.


The fact is.

A vast majority of men have a deeply rooted fear that they are broken inside.

That one day someone is going to find out about it.

This reality isn’t exactly something they admit.

It’s not like it’s always on their minds.

They feel “off.”

It’s more like a little whisper in the back of their head — playing on repeat.

They may not always hear it — but it dictates so much of what they D.O. and DON’T do, daily.

And It’s driven by their past behavior.

Shit, they’ve done to themselves and other people they love.

Shit, they’re ashamed of,

And The Older They Get, The More Broken And Disconnected They Feel.

Which only feeds the “I’m broken” lie even more — and ultimately leads a man into the 2nd stage of this vicious cycle.

This second stage, I will share it with you tomorrow, along with the remaining two.

But for now?

I want to focus you on one thing.

A Decision.

I have been sharing with you daily over with a sincere desire for you and your life.


To have access to the Weapons of the Warriors Journey,

To have access to the DOMINATING experience of waking every day, knowing that your life is yours indeed and that you can create whatever you desire.

Tomorrow Night I Close Down The Trial.

I’m not sure if I will ever offer a trial again.

We only started making this Home Study system available to men two months ago and Hit our initial limit of 200 men at $2,000 in less than three weeks.

This Trial is your next step.

Get off the fence and pull the trigger today.

I want you to test drive what I have been working my ass off for an entire year to build for a full 14 DAYS for just $1.

Click here to get started.

The End.

Garrett J White

Founder Wake Up Warrior.

P.S. Seriously, you’re not alone, brother, and I don’t want to tell you this. I want to show you this inside the new Warriors Journey Home Study System, and all you have to do is click here now to get started for $1.

P.P.S. If you missed the first six riveting stories I sent this week, use Thanksgiving break to catch up.

Written by

FOUNDER of Wake Up Warrior; AUTHOR of Warrior Book & Be The Man; HOST: Warrior On Fire Daily Pod Cast; CO-HOST; Date Your Wife Pod Cast.

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