The power of the Employee

After reading a few of the policies from the archive I found that it there was a combination. Some made policies empowering their employees while other seemed to make policies that restricted their employees.

There are pros and cons to each of the routes taken by business and brands. When an employee is given more power, they are in turn given more responsibility. From that the employees naturally know that their superiors trust them and respect their work.

Adversely, a business may restrict their employees because of the exact opposite reasons. They are afraid and unwilling to take a chance. With that said, they rightfully should be.

Although, if an employee is trained and experience to release content, whether that be social media, blogs ect.. then their employee should have the freedom to do their job the the extent of their abilities.

In all, I think that employees should be able to use social media on while at work. Whether that is for personal use or for their job. Of course they need to be responsible and disciplined with it but I would allow it. Additionally, it nearly impossible to prevent.

You never know. for example, while an employee is at work going through twitter they may run by a news headline much faster than if they were to find it or wait for it come them.