Review of that one coffee shop you totally know

The world is dotted with plenty of places to eat baked snacks, drink a coffee and avoid interacting with anyone except that cute barista who was totally into you. But that one that you stop at every morning between home and work is clearly the best, for the following obvious reasons.

Your coffee spot is top notch when compared to any other similar shops around any city anywhere. The sandwiches are made by very passionate people who are happy to offer suggestions in order to make it that much better. Hell, one time that guy even gave you extra toppings. The coffee here is always strong and hot. Unless you are the type that likes iced blonde, in which case your coffee is as tasteless as it is cold. If you need to channel your inner white-girl, your venti half-soy nonfat hot chocolate infuse hibiscus lemonade tea can be made to order just how you like it!

Whether or not you’re a food or drink person, you’ll inevitably be forced to walk away from the counter and towards the seating area, complete with windows overlooking the outside world and its many happenings. From here you are able to observe through the windows as a zoo guest feels watching animals, despite the parallel thoughts of someone on the other side of the glass. Whether or not you choose to be next to the windows or in a corner, where you sit accurately reflects your personality. First, you can sit at one of the community tables designed for groups, taking up as many possible seats and destroying any potential for group collaboration. If that’s not your style you can on the high bar tables, giving you that sense of superiority over everyone else as your legs swing uncomfortably below you. If neither of those are your style, one can always find a comfortable single armchairs, saturated with spilt drinks and crumbs. Unless that one asshole took your spot that basically should have your name on it, seeing as your butt-print is clearly embedded in the mildly frayed fibers.

All that said

In a perfect world, you could choose a seat depending on your mood, decide what you wanted to eat based on what your cravings were, and no matter what happened, sit next to your friend (literal or imaginary). The downside of having a place so wonderful conveniently located in your area is that you are rarely alone. It seems everyone between here and your destination chose this exact place and time to get their drink as well. Often times one will simply try and find a seat before getting their snack, putting their coat or bag on it. However, finding a seat then can also be a challenge of its own. Due to the fact that these moody people would rather lose an arm than sit next to a stranger (let alone talk to one), tables often appear filled, despite the fact that there is only one person at a table meant for four. It is because of this that the your shop is always packed, but rarely full.

So whether or not you are coming to have a nice coffee and sit in a comfortable armchair, a full meal to go, or are just looking for a reason to get outside and interact with some people, your coffee shop is the place for you.


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