Why are there so many young men refusing to believe women?
Lindz Marie

There’s a shit ton of reasons, just no especially good ones.
They don’t notice the abuse, or they don’t think the abusers are ‘that bad’…
Their way of life is changing and they don’t like it. THEY mean well and it’s not fair THEY should suffer for somebody else’s actions. The Me Too movement and modern feminism makes a lot of them scared because they never learned how to deal with people, let alone women… and all of a sudden they’re supposed to know. They don’t feel like they should be responsible for the misdeeds of half the country, or saddled with fixing it, so they fight back and cause more damage in the doing.

When you’re sitting on top for long enough it starts feeling natural and any change at all feels kinda like a personal attack.

It’s the same way with racism, and the class struggle happening now. Our culture is fighting with itself to either fix or forget it’s problems. There’s both men and women on both sides of this, but most people are just trying to get by, and ignoring the problem as best they can.

Most likely, we’ll end somewhere in the middle over the next generation or two. Change takes time, and people push back. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Hold your ground. The world IS changing.