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The process of cultivating a relationship with traveling is like any human relationship. It can be difficult, unfair, euphoric, saddening, and full of surprises. Unless we endure the good and bad, the sickness and health, the riches and less fortunate times, we will never reap the rewards of the process itself. I want to shed some light on this process, at least from my perspective.

The beginning of any healthy relationship often involves the swift and necessary death of your ego. The sooner you don’t feel it’s necessary to defend yourself, the more willing you’ll be able to see life…

A bachelor party is the closest thing to skydiving you can do while still on the ground. You start out on a high note, things inevitably start to go downhill, and there’s a slim chance of someone’s tragic yet humorous injury or death. At least that’s the image that comes to mind for many who picture a group of unsupervised men alone for the weekend. It’s easy to combat this traditional perception. I did it, and I’m definitely not the first person to do it either. Many men find the thought of strip clubs with BYOB policies, questionably challenging the…

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For the past 25 years, my internal compass has been governed by fear.

Fear has meant so much more to me than just being afraid. Fear has equated to a complete void of confidence. I’m talking increased heart rate, sweaty pits, nail biting fear that has translated into the following thoughts: I’m too scared to fail and make mistakes, I’m fearful that someone with more knowledge or experience will tell me I can’t do something I enjoy, I’m too fearful to go after the things I want, someone will think my work is flawed or completely wrong, I can’t control…

Garrett Schwindt

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