No need to apologize for rambling; shortening attention spans are, in a roundabout way, the prime…
Sam (no YOU’RE the straw man!)

I agree with you on the travel ban. I think the EO itself is over-broad and was sloppily put together. I don’t know enough about the finer points of the empirical data regarding the threat level of refugees to speak to that part of your point. However, even after the 9th Cir. ruling, the power to restrict alien travel remains with the President, as long as the EO is more narrowly tailored to pass rational basis review. But that is really neither here nor there.

I’m certainly familiar with Francesca, but I’m not really sure that he’s a fair comparison to your run-of-the-mill talking head on ESPN. MF is in a situation where he’s been handed his radio show and the freedom to say whatever he wants. His autonomy regarding what is said on his show is closer to that of Howard Stern than it is, say, Russillo & Kanell (whom I really like, btw).

To your last point regarding ESPN, take a look at this:

Curtis seems to regard Clay Travis with the level of warmth he would normally reserve for Richard Spencer, but I’m not so sure that Clay isn’t the most unbiased voice in sports journalism today. I mean, he was a staffer on Gore’s 2000 campaign and is on record as having voted for Obama twice, so it’s tough to call him a right-wing shill. If you haven’t had a chance to read his work, it may be enlightening.