Who is Garrett Zander?

Father of a 1 year daughter. She is my little princess and has me wrapped around her finger

Married for 7 years (Sorry ladies)

Rehabbed over 50 houses in 7 years

Wholesaled 25 properties in the last 6 months (many of them virtually)

Currently I focus on virtual wholesaling. Doing deals in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Alabama etc.

Coach/Mentor that allows students direct access to me 24/7.

My favorite number is 5, no reason for that number just kinda stuck with me. Maybe it was the Fubu baby blue jersey

I bowl and play golf. You know real contact sports

I run the very successful “Real Estate Strategy Lab” Podcast (Click HERE) Subscribe to my podcast so you dont miss the upcoming episodes.

I am a YouTuber posting many informative videos on wholesaling, rehab walkthroughs, etc. (Click HERE to check it out) make sure to subscribe!

I love food. All kinds. I have a very sophisticated pallet. (Spell check on that)

I don’t really use Twitter, but I love Facebook and Instagram.