Can you really borrow money at negative rates, earn double-digit annual yields on savings deposits, and see 1000x token returns?

As excitement over DeFi continues it is useful to remember just how small a percentage of the population is currently participating in not just DeFi, but crypto as a whole.

Today, even as we approach this month the 12-year anniversary of the publication of the bitcoin white paper by Satoshi…

A look at the winners and losers of financial repression

Listen to the podcast recording here.

Quick Take:

  • Of the various mechanisms for addressing growing government debt, financial repression is compelling from the perspective of policymakers
  • Traditional savers and bondholders, such as banks and pension funds, are some of the biggest losers from financial repression
  • The crypto industry and its users stand…

A new US digital dollar, seemingly imminent, will transform the financial world and digital currency landscape

Listen to the podcast recording here.

The introduction of a “US digital dollar” — the creation of which just last year seemed far away, but now under serious consideration — represents nothing short of a tectonic reconfiguration of money and the global financial system.

The US dollar is the world’s…

Garrick Hileman

head of research at and visiting fellow at the London School of Economics

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