I am not either, but I do recognize their value when used appropriately.
Bill Anderson

But I do not believe in good or evil. I believe in actions and consequences. Killing is the ultimate evil but in turn it is also the ultimate good. It is a negative sum. As I said, in every good their is a seed of evil and in every evil a good.

I totally disagree about knowing the mind of another, for we barely know our own minds, that is unless one is truly enlightened, but I don’t buy that either. Full consciousness of every thought, sensation, impulse, instinct etc, is impossible. We can know no other mind but our own.

Head trauma is a terrifying thing. As you noted, almost every one suffers a concussion or two, and the vast majority of us do not become serial murderers. But some do. Some people take a bump to then head and lose only knowledge of who they are.

I excuse myself from nothing. I am born from it, and return to it for nothingness is our parentage and our inevitable fate.

I haven’t even touched on the illusion of free will, as explained from current research in consciousness and neuroscience.

In closing, I have little skin in this debate. I, and those I care for, are not in harm’s way. Barring potential calamity, which can befall anyone at any time, I sit back in the philosopher’s chair unassailed. Perception is everything.

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