I don’t want to get too ‘nitpicky’, but I would argue that the extent to which someone needs to…
Michael Lancina

Evil based on what standard? We kill innocent enemies every day, and innocent criminals as well. What is the base for evil?

I do not think you are nitpicking at all. I think you are expanding upon a line of reasoning, I just do not happen to agree with said reasoning for the label of evil is transient. I sometimes think the only good and evil in life in life itself. Every good deed holds the seeds of evil and every evil act holds the seed of good.

As an American, I live in a land that was ethnically cleansed. In the ambiguous use of the term “evil” ethnic cleansing is evil. My ancestors were ethnically cleansed from their homeland, came to this country and benefited from the ethnic cleansing of Native-Americans. In a very real way ethnic cleansing, as evil as it was and is, served my family. Only life holds the potential for evil and good, for it is the paper upon which existence is written.

I digress, many stone cold killers in the Nazi regime, so nothing wrong with their actions in the Holocaust, and as I said originally, this is what is truly horrifying. People who believe they are in the right because the are following the code of their civilization. The only thing dangerous in what I have said would be the direct warning to be cautious when it comes to using labels to identify people, for in a label is the first reduction of their humanity. We treat criminals like animals all across this nation, and few people lose sleep over their moral culpability.

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