What were the Nazis thinking when they killed all those people?
Anna Lind-Guzik

I shall go out on a limb here. Thank you for not calling them evil. The true horror of most atrocities is that they are carried out by “good” people. The Nazi regime went to great lengths to dehumanize the disabled, homosexuals, Roma, Jews and other “enemies” of the state. Once you strip away a persons name and all vestiges of their humanity, then it becomes quite easy to take the next step and take their lives.

The Nazis stopped calling their neighbor by his their names. Instead they called the Jew or vermin. Language is a weapon.

What worries me is that, to the Nazi moral code and laws, the victims of the Holocaust were dehumanized and then murdered. Good men and women carried out these crimes, and could go home, love their children, support the system and never have a bad nights sleep plagued by a guilty conscience. That is terrifying. We here in the states do this all of the time. We stop calling people by their names and start calling them criminals, gang bangers, illegals etc, etc. I ask you, when was the last time you visited a prison, Immigration and Naturalization transfer center, mental health asylum? Now I am not saying we are on par with the Nazis, but these facilities where the Holocaust took place, and the vast majority of Germans never visited their prisons, sanitariums, concentration camps.

We are so close to following the path of the Nazis, we just need a spark or economic crisis to follow the path of negation.

As far as finding the worse mass murderers or comparing the fascists to the communist; the quantification of suffering has no > greater then symbol for in suffering all are =, and those who further the suffering of others are equally guilty.