We Need Idealistic Teachers Now More than Ever
Allison Bigelow

I would highly advise losing your idealistic ways and embracing what is real. Ideals lead one to look at a situation as they think it aught to be, and when the situation fails to change to your liking, it leaves you a little bit torn.

I am a teacher, and I was idealistic. I was a great crusader out to champion my students, but like many a crusader, I took a blow to the chest and nearly lost my heart and soul.

Years of fighting the avalanche, the landslide that is the educational system, all to no avail. Bitching about the way things were, powerless to affect change. And so, I embraced the suck. The system is deeply flawed and those who run it, all levels, could care less about my informed opinion. You cannot steer a landslide, but you can nudge it. A bit here, a bit there, aiming for a different route.

I embrace the bs, and effect change wherever and whenever I can. I cannot fix the system, but I can lead my students through it to a brighter future of their own making. I am no longer a teacher. I am a navigator of human souls. I navigate the most delicate of souls through a system that tends to crush and maim.

I embrace things as they are, and abandoned my ideals for ideals availed me nothing.

I accept the system as it is. Change what I can, accept what I cannot.

To all those thinking about going into education I say be strong. Many shall fight you, hate you, belittle you. Be strong, for in many ways teaching is a thankless position. Be strong for you shall be a rock, a bastion, a beacon to many a child who has naught. Abandon your ideals for they shall only get in the way of what is real.

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