how to blog. from a newbie to a wannabe :)

to be a newbie -in anything- is exciting. no, scary! ahmmm…excitingly scary. actually. and actually i have nothing to teach anyone. so the title is not correct. the word newbie shud’ve given you the hint. ;)

lutsa things whirl around my head. what do i write about? who really cares what i think? how do i put those words together? how shud i sound? funny? serious? intelligent? artsy? artsy-fartsy? what if i don’t sound like any of those? what if someone criticizes my writing? my grammar? my spelling? shud i care? should i cry? shud i sulk? wotevah….i need…..heeeeeeelp!!!!

yo, dude! what did i put myself into? cud i keep this up?

maybe i shud just stop asking questions and get on with it. k…so let’s start! what’s closest to my heart right now? what occupies my thoughts? hmmm….i just said i’ll stop asking questions, right? right!

o-right…go on!! man my head’s spinnin’!!!!

first: lemme decide on how many words my blog shud have. not too long. not too short. fivehundred words? less? more? short enough for a one-minute attention span or long enough for a speed reader to read in a sec?

questions, questions, questions…decisions, decisions, decisions. lemme cross the bridge when it’s there.

second: topic for the day: whatever comes! woohooo…too unpredictable! one never knows what’ll happen. can’t control it. shud i do a list of topics for the month? nah! don’t wanna be blogging on stale news.

third: how often? depends on my mood. sounds good, huh? i’m already setting up an excuse, ain’t i?

fourth: compose! there’s an intro, body and a conclusion. answer questions what, when, who, how, where.

so here’s the conclusion: read, re-read, edit, if necessary. re-read a few more times til you get sick of it — i mean happy with it — and click publish. then forget about it until someone comments on it. that is, if someone bothers to comment on it.

lastly, smile. k…i know…been talking to myself the whole time. i’ve done mah ferst blog…lemme enjoy the fruit of my folly…

now it’s your turn….have fuuuunnn!!!!

have a great weekend, guys and dolls!