Do you stay local or travel to somewhere new?

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As a challenge, I decided to run four half marathons this month. As I set out on my second one this morning, I was feeling tired and pondered the ‘easiest’ route I could think of locally — it got me thinking, what is an easy route and what are my favourite routes.

The short answer (please do read on for the longer one!) is it depends on my mood, motivations, and location. But when I thought about it, there are so many options, and it’s a really fascinating topic for any runner.

Regular vs New?

Let me start the debate by comparing the…

Feedback from experienced runners

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I wrote recently about the effects of getting old on my running. The responses I received were amazing. I decided to write this follow-up to share the excellent ideas I received from veteran runners on how to manage your running as you grow older.

Firstly, a quick thank you to everyone who shared thoughts via Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Four main areas of suggestions emerged:

  1. Complimentary exercise to help with running
  2. Warm-up and warm-down advice
  3. Changing running frequency and rest days
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others

What Works Alongside Running?

A lot of the advice shared included the type of exercises to pair…

How LinkedIn became my main source of new business

Street sign for the offices of LinkedIn.
Street sign for the offices of LinkedIn.
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Getting new connections on LinkedIn is all well and good, but unless you are able to gain new business through LinkedIn, are they any more than a vanity exercise? Over the last three months, I have begun work with a fitness influencer, a charity, a couple of accountancy firms, and a photographer, all by following the ideas below.

I’ve written quite a bit recently on techniques that have quadrupled my LinkedIn views, but it is converting those views into connections and then finally into customers that really matters. Step one of this is starting to engage people in a conversation.

Let’s Have a Chat

How to plan your day

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In our continuing experiment to make James an efficiency ninja, this week we talked about planning out a day on our ruthlessly efficient podcast. Below are some of the ideas we covered in that chat…

Why Focus On How to Plan Your Day?

By having a structure and plan for your day, you can build order into the chaos. As we’ll discuss in a future week, poor time management is normally because people underestimate how long something takes and the first stage to fixing that is to build a day that allows for disruption and gets focus on the right things.

Stop Putting Things Off

People put off important things. They say…

A lesson learned from Lennon and McCartney

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56 years ago, one of the greatest songs of all time was written. ‘Yesterday’ is the most covered song of all time, yet through most of its development, the Beatles only knew the song by the working title ‘Scrambled Eggs’. It is the perfect example of not allowing one issue stopping you from progressing an idea and can be used by writers and content marketers to speed up their processes.

The internet is full of articles from people that talk about writers' block and I’ve worked with a lot of clients that say they struggle to write content. The reasons…

But only with the right people

Young man sitting on a bench with Ronald McDonald
Young man sitting on a bench with Ronald McDonald
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I recently explained how I quadrupled views of my profile and started to get regular clients through LinkedIn. The key to this was growing my network. By making them the right new connections, the chance of succeeding grows exponentially. Let me explain how I did it, starting with a technique that my business partner calls ‘ninja stalking’…

Ninja Stalking!

The number one way of growing a quality network is selecting the right connections. Oh, you were expecting something more insightful?

That is coming, but honestly, you’d be surprised by the number of people that just use the scattergun approach to connections.


The warning signs as I run towards being 50

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I’m less than three years from hitting the big five-oh. There, I admitted it. I will also admit running is getting much harder. And whilst you might logically say I should expect that, mentally it’s been quite tough to handle. Physically, it’s been even harder.

For those coming up to the same age or already going through that barrier and feeling the same, here are some signs it’s getting tougher, but also how I’ve been managing it.

Others Are Running Faster!

I recently joined a running Facebook group for my village. It’s been great for chatting to other runners, and I’ve gained some good…

In just 15 minutes a day, I now have a consistent flow of clients

A row of LinkedIn sponsored bikes.
A row of LinkedIn sponsored bikes.
Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

On a weekly basis, I now have four times as many people viewing my profile, I have trebled the reach of my posts, and most importantly, I’ve gained new clients directly from LinkedIn.

Like all social platforms, LinkedIn can change its algorithm at any point, but a couple of things remain key to succeeding on the platform. At the start of the year, I decided to put a concerted effort into LinkedIn, working on the basics and engaging with the platform for just 15 minutes a day. I’ve seen phenomenal results from this strategy.

Engagement is the watchword for me…

Why the pandemic made me question the meaning of what I do

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On a zoom call, I half-joked to a client that the job we do is meaningless in comparison to what so many are doing right now. This client is a charity and the CEO immediately stopped me and pointed out that we were helping get the word of the charity out to a wider audience, so it wasn’t meaningless. I will be forever grateful to him for that statement. It has stopped me from going down a rabbit hole of self-doubt.

When I left my old businesses, set on a mission to work with smaller businesses, directly with the owners…

A messy inbox is the first sign of inefficiency

Why is it important to keep a well-ordered inbox? As part of an experiment to help my business partner more efficient, I picked working on his inbox as the number one thing and in fact, it’s very often the first thing I use to address with anyone that worked for me. But why?

Despite the advent of other communication & collaboration tools like Slack, WhatsApp or Trello, email remains the number one way that people communicate within an organisation, with customers and also suppliers. This means one thing above all else

Garry Lee

Digital and data marketing geek, ex-CEO, mentor, coach and always thinking about helping people

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