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Who am I?

Where am I from?

Why marketing is so important and often so wrong

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It’s finally time to talk to-do lists…

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I’ll Get That Over in 30 Minutes

  • People are generally optimistic rather than realistic
  • People get distracted, you rarely…

Give me regularity over ad hoc inspiration

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Different Forms of Consistency

  • Delivering a consistent message, so you are well known for something
  • Putting out content consistency, so people expect and want your content
  • Interacting with different…

Small changes make big savings

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Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain

The networking strategy that works

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Finding Your Targets

How different will it feel as I close on 50 years old

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One Less Run a Week

That’s a long time to keep making mistakes!

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4 years of travelling around the world at Christmas

Author photo — sunset in Florida Keys

What should I be looking for at a start-up?

Interview process in action
Interview process in action
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Executive vs Manager

Garry Lee

Digital and data marketing geek, ex-CEO, mentor, coach and always thinking about helping people

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