Problems to troubleshoot

Duplicate Fields in forms — get the one that is not null
Update: When using two fields with the same name in MVC and Javascript only one will come through. You can get around this by setting the name to the model for the one that is showing.
document.getElementById(“AddNewArea”).name = “Area”;

ClientURL Error in RouteConfig (var ClientURL = db.Clients.FirstOrDefault(m => m.URL == subDomain);) throws an Object reference not set to an instance of an object. — Looks like it happens if two people run the system at the same time

To allow or not allow HTML in form requests??
Allow but don’t use FormCollection — but why?

Changing Field Names on the fly:
Spoke to Tyler about changing names on the fly using JavaScript. He said this is not the best practice and would be better to have 2 different field names and then use a get and custom set function in the model.

Menu not working on mobile.

When the button is pressed the menu doesn’t show at all

Change colour takes you to new screen. Looks like an action result instead of an action

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