A strategy for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to succeed
Owen Jones

A lot of work to do then. Some good points in this long article. Recent performances indicate Corbyn slightly more comfortable in the role of leader of the party. Just watched his weekend speech he gave to a crowd in Birmingham and it was pretty good — fluent, confident, made sense. Despite all the negativity the interesting questioning is what is it that makes several thousand polite well behaved non hysterical people turn out to hear Corbyn (as is repeated over and over again). It is likely the same reason Corbyn is about to win large. Framing Corbyn’s support as a “symptom” is not helpful and continues to feed the negativity. We need to be more confident than that. It is ordinary people wanting common sense politics for them and that involves them — one that does not just preserves the NHS and public services from their present dilapidated low point — but one that expands and improves them. I suspect the reason why people are attracted to Corbyn’s style of politics is the reverse side of why so many abandoned Labour in Scotland. If Labour are to win anything they need to make substantial inroads back into Scotland and a centrist “give the private market a chance” ticket is not going to do that.

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