Turn the Page

Most of us have a ‘past’. A past that we tend to ‘live’ in because it seems to be the ‘only thing we know’ — the only thing that we ‘blame’ for being the cause of where we are right ‘now’.

We use this past as an ‘excuse’, as a crutch that contributes to the indicative failure we may bring ourselves to ‘experience’ over and over again. We ‘internalize’ such feelings from the past, as feelings spawned from the ‘belief’ of how ‘things should be’… when in fact, they shouldn’t!

If you stop to think of it, the past is simply the past… and no matter what you do to dwell on it (or replay it in your head), there’s nothing you can do to change it — it already happened. Therefore, such past should not (and never) ‘define’ you in this ‘moment’.

That was ‘then’. This is ‘now’. Acting from a moment in the past is only counter productive to any effort of ‘moving forward’. Rather, we must ‘live’ for ‘today’ and experience what life has to offer in the ‘present’.

As it is, the present is our ‘gift’ and life is too damn short to get caught up in the sh*t that prevents us from enjoying it!

We are in charge of experiencing each moment in the now; from this now to the ‘next’, which eventually brings us ‘forward’ into the ‘future’.

We must enjoy what life has to ‘offer’ and carry forward with ‘accepting’ the ‘value’ in ourselves that we truly ‘deserve’!… as well as the value being ‘offered’ in ‘genuine authenticity’ from those who express ‘love’ and ‘support’ in a manner that you may not be accustomed to, from which you begin to ‘question’ if they are ‘giving’ or ‘taking’.

Sure, it may ‘feel’ like you’re taking a ‘leap of faith’ — a leap into your ‘fear of the unknown’, but understand the ‘intention’ behind it. Understand the ‘meaning’ behind it. If one comes from a place of ‘whole-hearted’ ‘beingness’ that ‘vibrates’ beyond verbal comprehension, then that alone will ‘speak’. That alone will make you feel and ‘realize’ the ‘sincerity’.

‘Think’ and ‘pivot’. ‘Embrace’ the ‘difference’ instead of running away from it!

F*ck what others think! Do it right now!

Stop ‘depriving’ yourself of ‘what could be’, when you’re too ‘scared’ ‘remembering’ ‘what used to be’… because ‘trust’ me, it’s a whole lot easier to associate a current experience to the ‘non-relevant’ past — a definite ‘chicken exit’ ready for the taking.

‘Expand beyond’ that realm of the ‘comfort’ that holds you back. You must be ‘willing to risk’ for change, or all ‘vested effort’ is simply wasted. Remember, ‘vulnerability’ does not show ‘weakness’!

So let this ‘journey’ in life be the ‘continuation’ of our ‘story’ that will only ‘improve’ as each present passes. BUT only if ‘YOU’ ‘choose’ to.

Afterall, if you want to know how the story plays out, you must be ‘ready and willing’ to turn the page and f*cking read it…

Better yet, turn the page and ‘write it yourself’! :)

With love…


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