Fabrication of steel and wood sculpture by Garry Zayon “Too Hot For Kings”

Too Hot for Kings sculpture by Garry Zayon

This sculpture is based on a painting I did two years ago with the same title. I was always a big fan of Salvador Dali and the surrealism movement. I was up for this challenge to make it into a sculpture. Below is the painting Too Hot for Kings by Garry Zayon.

Acrylic surrealism painting by Garry Zayon

Here is a step by step illustration showing the fabricating of the sculpture. There is also a video of this at my website Zayon Furniture.

All steel parts are cut and shaped by hand using hammers and a English wheel

The tricky part in the fabrication is figuring out how to assemble it too hide all the welds so they blend in. The cactus is made from black cherry wood. You can see the beginning stages of the shaping process.

The next step is the painting, to see it come to life. The first step after sanding all the surfaces smooth, the metal has to be primed with etching primer to insure the paint will adhere. Then it is ready for the many hour of painting.

The last step is putting a clear coat to protect the wood and paint. I use two different products. The metal receives a clear enamel. And the wood gets a polyurethane

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