Original signed Sculpture metal abstract brushed steel Alien by Garry Zayon

Title: ALIEN


Steel on the sculpture is 16 gauge. All elements
are hand
fabricated by Garry Zayon.
Hand brushed steel then clear coated with clear enamel.


Width 21" Depth 16"


dimension are approximate


Hand signed on bottom
 Garry Zayon 2016 ALIEN


Designer and artist-Garry Zayon
Born 1955
Philadelphia Pa

§ Named Outstanding Artist on Thrillist

§ Named Best of the Best on Thrillist

§ Scorpion Lamp was featured in an article in Hometone.com

§ Original abstract painting of Theodore Roosevelt displayed in Dr. Hratch Karamanoukian’s collection

§ Original abstract paintings, sculptures and furniture displayed in Pavel Grinfeld’s, PhD collection

§ Original sculpture, “Guiding Flame” is displayed in the IPEX building of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

§ Published book in 2014 on Designs by Garry Zayon

§ Designs have been used on TV shows and movies

All steel is hand formed on an English wheel. Then hand rubbed brushed finish.