How to uncover and inoculate yourself against this disease

Today’s Wall Street Journal described example upon example — including young founders that jumped to their death, hospitalization and being thrown out of the very companies they created. (See eg Welcome back fro that read if you left.

Sure these founders — many of them at least — became monetarily wealthy. They bought big homes, fancy new cars and many bought ones for family members and friends.

But, and here is the thing, they are miserable.

They rarely admit to being miserable mind you. They always say they are just “killing it,” Wsj reports.

But the impact of this…

In less than ten minutes

In evenings of hot summer days when I was a kid, the cricket chirps filled the air. Maybe you remember them too. They always made me feel a certain calmness and good feeling. Did you hear the crickets last night? One of my goals in meditation is to be able to hear things that made me feel calm and that good feeling and filter out what doesnt.

The science around meditation is clear: as the mind is focused goes the body. …

I hope you never get really sick. Really. I pray you never, and no one you love ever, needs a complex diagnosis or care. Because if they do, they will not only not get better so quickly BUT read below if youre human, like us.

Over the last two years, I and my wife have both needed care. We went from being, in my case a 51 year old runner, martial artist who meditated daily to having had a stroke. …

I Think He’s Got This

On TV’s This Is Us, Kevin’s dad takes him camping to teach him to be a better person. It is about much more than just camping, and Kevin does not want to talk about it. Makes me wonder if I, a 52-year-old happily married, LA lawyer could convince my 11-year-old nephew to go to sleep-away camp?

My nephew signed up but he told me he didn’t want to be pushed to go and my beloved sister, his mother, does not want me to bring it up.

I could picture him sailing. I described the wind…

An older woman at the market almost drove her cart over my 52 year old, Phil -Lesh-and-Friends-tshirt-wearing transplant from LA’s foot here in sweltering Manhattan yesterday.

I was like — “Excuse ME!”

But she didn’t care. Life in New York, as most of you know or can imagine, is crowded, person eat person, every person for themselves out on the street.

That however is not how I see the world. I see the world as a place where people say “please,” they say “thank you,” and a place where one always says “excuse me.” …

By clearly refining the image that feeds your confidence you can your goals and out run fear or worse

Did you see the story about the amputee runner who was training for the 100 mile ultra marathon? When I heard her speak, she mentioned that when she runs she “always is thinking about her children.”

Of course, you’ve read the story about Ariana Huffington and how her mother encouraged everything with “a combination of making me believe I could do anything and that if I failed she wouldn’t love me any less.”

While there are definitely many people behind the…

If you check your pockets, you will see that they are loaded with rocks

For those of you that are MOTs, I am sure you’ve had enough Jewishness for a while. The last few days were a HUGE Deal. RIGHT? (Spoiler Alert: Another big one coming next week).

This story is not a religious story actually so read on.

Did you hear the story about Job (long O) who was told by others that his tough life was brought on because he deserved it? His answer was, nope. I’m good. Wow. What a way to live right? He had something…

One cannot will the wind to blow when you are stuck

I knew that Jack (name made up) was a successful banker by his awards and his suits. He exuded the manifestation of success to everyone around. He has a beautiful home, successful professional wife and is often the guy at the center of a group of well groomed men where a sudden laugh comes out of the group. He looked happy and successful from the outside.

What should have tipped me off did not. I guess I was not looking that closely but soon it became clear: he was…

How calming your body in one minute can prime you for a creative, limitless mind

You’re so busy. Run to the kitchen to turn on the electric kettle, check your email, brush your teeth, check your email again. No time for anything to foul up your schedule. Off for your run — darn you need to re-tie your shoes. All of this business is part of your success and part of your hard charging, goal setting life.

You do not have time to add one more task, planning session or time slot to your calendar.

I get it.

But, in…

A daily practice to help you learn to listen to yourself

Admit it. You don’t trust yourself.

Once you start this practice, I guarantee you will smile.

Because humans have a negative tendency towards self-trust, we often need tools to see the bigger picture.

This morning I listened to Tara Brach’s podcast on Trust. I’d like to apply her concept of the Portal of Freedom head on. Unless we learn to trust ourselves deeply, we feel separate, sometimes anxious and are limited.

No one us want to live a limited life. I want to get the most out of every moment on Earth. Don’t you? Sure, you do.

And yet, if I told you that all you had to do was “listen to yourself” deeply, you would turn me off and probably continue to look else where for an answer. Frankly, I don’t mind…

Gregory Rutchik

Japanophile, Business lawyer@ Author: & Crack Anxiety and Panic Through Better Breathing Founder of

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