Letter to a 24 year old version of myself.

So that I don’t forget..

Dear 24 year old Garvit,

I hope you are not sitting in an office doing a job trying to earn money. If you’re, I think this is high time you should get out. I also hope you’re not married or trapped in the idea of some romantic love, that you’ve or you’ll meet someone special and then you’ll feel complete and blah blah… I sincerely hope you’re not. Even a 20 year old kid like me can tell you that this idea of romantic love is utterly bullshit. There are 7 billion people on earth, and you’re going to spend whole of your life try to screw around just one person. Are you kidding man !!!

Anyway, what happened to your education ? I hope atleast you are educated. And I’m not talking degrees. They will be very useful one day, when sun would’ve run out of all its energy and we’d need more fire. So I hope you are not running after another degree, we’d need them, but they can wait a million years. And I hope you have completed your education, the one which you designed yourself. That was important, a life understood is a life lived, you’ve always known that. I hope you have read all those wonderful books that were written. And I hope you’ve seen all those great movies that were made. It’s OK if you’ve missed a few things, this was not really a competition, life is not really a competition. I hope you understand that.

So have you found a way, a way to live your life. The way of nature, or the way of grace. Accepting life, refusing life, questioning life, just going with life, anything. Whatever you’ve chosen, I hope the choice is yours. It can be anything. I know that there’s no meaning of life. And nothing really makes any sense and all of existence is just by chance, but that is what makes it so interesting, Isn’t it ??

Anyway, I am a fairly democratic person, and I know you have a right to live your own life based on your own experiences, which are more than mine. I just wrote this to make sure you remember certain things. I hope you remember Rahul Sankrityayan, and the things he used to say :

The perfect age to leave is between 16–24 years. A traveller should complete his formal education, find out some ways of staying alive and read a lot of travel literature. He should leave at 24. After 24, there are too many traps for him to leave

I know you will handle everything else.

Throw away your books, Rally in the streets.


Another version of yourself