Reflections of a Man

This article is inspired by something i read two days ago.that thing kept me wondering for 2 days and now i believe i finally understood what it was written by Mr.Amari soul and it was something like this:
“One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to cause the women you love feel like she cant talk to you.”

I didn’t understand it at first.but then when i thought about it,it made me realize that how gap in communication can bring a wedge even between soul mates(i believe in entirely different definition of soulmate but here i meant people who are made for each other,who are highly compatible with each other.)when one person feels he/she cannot communicate with his/her partner, it starts getting frustrating.and frustration unevenly ends in anger and resentment.On my first day after reading this,i was wondering how can one let someone he/she deeply loves think that he/she cannot express whats in his/her is majorly expressing yourself to someone you think is worth expressing your thoughts and ideas.but then i realized that whatever happens is the result of smaller actions accumulated over a period of time.maybe you didnt pay enough attention when he/she was talking about his/her dreams.maybe you were giving unconditional attention to somebody your partner doesnt like,or maybe you unknowingly told him/her not to tell whatever is in his/her mind no matter how smart or how dumb it was.

Be a good man!!don’t let your love go and don’t ask questions you are afraid to know the answers to.