In my great state of Connecticut, there are a vast number of lovely birds. As I have gone on various hikes and nature walks, I’ve really started to take notice of them. Many birds are noteworthy for their individual songs and smarts, but today I am going to list my favorite birds based on appearances only. When I go bird-watching, I’m thrilled to see these creatures flying or hopping around.

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Credit: wshg

Though a common bird, the American Robin is a classic beauty. Their combination of dark and rusty feathers make them stand out among others.

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Credit: National Audubon Society

The Connecticut Warbler’s yellow feathers are a unique sight for me. We often spot black birds or brown birds, but rarely birds with prominent yellow feathers. …

A lot of people harbor negative feelings about the place they grew up. I don’t. Connecticut is a great place — full of history and beautiful scenery. It may not be the most “happening” place in the world, but Connecticut certainly has its collection of gems that everyone should visit if they ever make a vacation to the state. Connecticut isn’t that big. It won’t be hard to do.


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Credit: National Real Estate Investor

As the capital of Connecticut and one of the oldest cities in New England, there is a lot of see in Hartford. …


Gary Jouver

From Montville, Connecticut. Fan of music, poetry, food — basically, any creative outlets.

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