Keynesians encourage impulsive spending habits as a way to keep the economy flowing.
Why You Can’t Shortcut Trust
Jimmy Song

Emotive value statements don’t assist a good argument. Your point is really that existing fiat systems have inherent instability in that they facilitate intertemporal exchange. Someone investing in the creation of a new and efficient electric car, by massively spending now in anticipation of future returns, is not a negative thing per se (and if you understand how money works the loans that financed this were actually ‘‘money creation” not some shocking Keynesian actor). However the forward looking expectations that drive this process are unstable because we are not omnipotent, and decentralized actors can get it wrong. The key point you miss is that in modern fiat systems money creation is actually decentralized in deposit creating institutions and it is this decentralization that creates instability- you don’t need terrible Keynesians to drive the point.

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