New Pricing with Dollars and Sense
Isaak Dury

Wow! Although I was aware there was going to be a new pricing model, it is far larger increase than I was expecting. We have around 220 members (and 170 contacts), from which we get around £600 to cover our costs. We are now being asked to pay £274 a year for TidyHQ. Unfortunately we just can’t afford to do this. The closest comparison I know of in terms of functionality is GroupSpaces and they have various options starting at £4.99 a month (… I know they are now no longer providing support or expanding the platform but these prices pre-date that). Pity there aren’t other options (i.e. a cheaper price for 200 or less contacts, or a cheaper option supported by advertising) as I have loved using tidyHQ.

I will now need to spend what limited spare time I have looking for an alternative solution that we can afford, and then migrating across from TidyHQ — a very sad situation indeed.

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