“ `they live’ was a documentary” — roddy piper
gary d.

“Clearly this over-eager internet moron is clueless on how capitalism & economics really work”

No, just missing the big picture. Take a step back, you will not see any actual capitalism occurring at all.

The reality is any economist who talks about capitalism and insists the U.S. does not have a planned economy is lying through their teeth (profitting off of the collusion) and/or lives in an ivory tower / echo chamber.



I am not stating or arguing politics or policies or what is feasible (politically or economically), I am just stating reality as it actually is.

To believe in “capitalism” is to believe the tooth fairy is running things (or Santa Claus, your pick). Much the same, if you don’t “believe” you will not be “rewarded” — reality does not apply here.


foundations: their power and influence

the creature from jekyll island

ibm and the holocaust

the deliberate dumbing down of america

tragedy & hope

wall st. and FDR / the bolshevik revolution / the rise of hitler

Not to mention a thousand other “invisible hands” constantly rigging things:


The old maxim “everyone is lying” always applies.

“the gun-toting cat looks totally fucking cool on top of that unicorn”



that little reptile just keeps marching right along. More than 100 years of silent steps, and still going strong. He hides whenever you try to observe him or ask him anything, but pops out again and continues marching after you leave.


Bugs is found reclining on a piece of ordnance, idly reading Victory Through Hare Power (a parody of the extremely influential book Victory Through Air Power and its film adaptation) and laughing uproariously at the book’s claim that gremlins wreck American planes with “di-a-bo-lick-al sab-oh-tay-gee” (diabolical sabotage)


“All Dinosaurs Gonna Die”

Nope, that little turtle is written into law.

The dinosaurs still write the history books, and are still mockingbirding the media.

Ultimately, the only way to believe in “capitalism” at this point (as it is practiced) is to believe in cannibalism.


“Plunder all you want. As long as your political connections are solid, you’ll get to keep the money and probably won’t suffer more than a slap on the wrist.”

Mrs. Market is just a dirty, dirty skank.

Not even the good kind of dirty, the fun kind, the kinky kind, the playful kind, the innocent and sweet kind, the “me and my sorority sisters want to make a movie with you” kind.

We are talking psycopathic diseased drug addict schizophrenic plastic surgery freakshow type of skank.

The “rejected by the Jerry Springer show” type of skank. The “miley cyrus thinks she needs to cover up’’ type of skank. The “had 5 1/3 sex changes and doesn’t look human anymore” type of skank.

Poor Mr. Market, doesn’t even realize he is in hell and already died a long time ago. Wouldn’t know the difference anyway, all the exits are blocked off.

You just can’t start with a planned economy from top to bottom, and somehow wring capitalism out of it.

It is like soaking up the ocean with a sponge, cleaning the Eiffel tower with a toothbrush.

The only thing left of Mr. Market are his memoirs from 6o years ago. He is long gone, just a zombie corpse nowadays.

Step 1: admit Mr. Market is dead

After we use our unicorns to impale all the zombies that are infected and diseased, then we can work on finding a replacement.

The zombie turtles are winning, ever so slowly. Death by a thousand silent paper cuts.

Time for Krang and Shredder to team up with Mario against the turtles?

I don’t recall who said it (Craig Ferguson?): (paraphrase) “The nice thing about turtles is they come with a built-in soup bowl, just flip them over and cook”

Right now, it is turtles all the way down (and up).

The dinosaurs are busy forming cartels (see pando.com) . The “online” companies are all turtles, and busy writing non-compete agreements and mandating them. They all hate competition and hate markets.

They like $$$ … it doesn’t make them “capitalists” any more than the free trade “libertarians”calling for special privileges written into law believe in “free trade.”

90% of unicorns are just acting.

If General Catton turns his shotgun at them and blasts, he will find there is actually just a series of turtles inside, and he should be very careful what unicorn he hitches himself to.

I wish General Catton good luck, but he was subverted and overthrown long ago, from the inside.

“Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride”

“That’s one Dead Space marine”

and so forth.

Godspeed, General Catton.

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