Testimonials for Doing Good Thinking

Some things are better off said by others. I’ve helped a lot of people with their ideas, be it someone with a precious embryonic idea, to start-ups, to long established companies. Here are some kind words from people who’ve done the Doing Good Thinking workshops:

Katie & Maria — Amity

“Working with Gary was the catalyst for a remarkable journey of clarification and confidence.

Doing Good Thinking has helped us face up honestly to our blockers, identify where to place our energy and make some very important business decisions. Gary supported us to see new opportunities and take bold steps in new directions — Thank you very much.”

Katie & Maria — Amity

Mike Riddell — Greater Manchester Community Cooperative

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the process to begin with, but it soon became clear that Gary had a method that he was using to draw the idea out of my mind, body and soul. It was in there all the time — I just hadn’t realised this.

What did I get out of it? My vision, mission and business name and tag line all in 30 words. And a new mate.

I can honestly say this was the most valuable business process of my life, and I’ve been in business 30 years.”

Mike Riddell — Greater Manchester Community Cooperative

Danny English — Communitree

“My time spent with Gary has been nothing less than totally priceless. It is clear from the moment I met Gary that he is somebody who is caring, knowledgeable and passionate, but above all else I knew that I could trust him with my big idea.

Gary’s ‘Doing Good Thinking’ program helped me to really identify the root of my idea and why I believed in its importance. Gary provided me with something that I just couldn’t access alone, he was able to step back from the idea, approach it with a fresh mind from a unique perspective and then help me focus my energy and thoughts, providing sound advice and manageable actions that helped me move my ideas along to the next level”.

Danny English — Communitree

Danielle Styles — Capocopy

Doing Good Thinking is a magical process, which helped me realise that I have all the answers — as long as I am asking myself the right questions.

Gary’s questions made me reflect deeply, not just on my work, but on how it related to all other aspects of my life. The process revealed the overarching purpose of my business. But more than that, it revealed why it was so important to have a purpose. It affirmed that what was good for other people, society, the planet was also good for my own health and happiness.

Doing Good Thinking left me with a clear course of action to make my business work better and create a bigger positive impact for the people it serves. I am now more confident in making business decisions, because I have the clarity to know exactly why I’m making them.

Gary is a passionate and compassionate individual who genuinely wants to support your efforts to create a better world. The value of his process is huge and multifaceted. I cannot imagine a person or idea that would not get an enormous boost from working with Gary through this process.”

Danielle Styles — Capocopy

Rob Day — Blueprint Interiors

I spent an hour on the phone to Gary talking and listening and in that time I became certain he could help — why? He listened, and listened some more. He reframed the words which I had used to express my concerns about the future and explained that he could help us focus our thoughts down to a singe key idea through the techniques he had learned from Charles Davies to think “Very Clearly”. He would ensure that we would not become distracted by external issues and that we would be honest about what we were trying to achieve; dismissing anything which might lead us away from identifying and understanding that core idea.

The Doing Good Thinking workshop experience was 3 days, one week apart, with me and my 2 co-Directors and shareholders — the future owners of the business and our newly recruited Marketing Manager.

The issue: how do we continue to make the transition to transfer responsibility from me to them? In addition to this I had been overwhelmed by circumstances in the last 5 years that had, frankly, nearly finished me.

Carefully staged groups of questions were asked to help us understand what we all want to happen; what we have do, specifically; how we can make it enjoyable again; how we know when its working because we have clear objectives; how can we make it all feel lighter?

Apart from the clarity of the workshop structure and process and the clear thinking that it encouraged, the experience was highly cathartic, you could even say “provocative”. It was the opposite of consultant mumbo-jumbo — it was real — we came up with everything ourselves. It was in us all the time.

This happened because underlying Gary’s skill in directing our focus through this intense process was an extraordinary generosity of spirit and the strongest sense of caring. We were exhausted but exhilarated and we had our answer in a single idea that we all understood, believed and most importantly agreed on. This is from now on the core rationale of all we do.

Our advice to you? Accept the help and you’ll make a great friend along the way.

Rob Day — Blueprint Interiors

Peter Donoghue — Nourish

“I engaged with Gary via a referral from a mutual contact after hearing in depth how he likes to get his clients thinking about business in a completely different way.

Unlike other business coaches Gary doesn’t just analyse the business, he also analyses you and what makes you feel fulfilled. This way, you run the business instead of the business running you.

I entered the process with a very cloudy idea of what I wanted to do next. It was something that was a complete change to anything I had done before.

At the end of the process you have a clear understanding of what you should be doing, why you should be doing it, where you should be doing it and how; my goals and objectives were crystal clear.

Although it has taken me a long time to establish the business, I now have an exciting new business doing something I love and feel motivated by every morning when I wake up”.

Peter Donoghue — Nourish

Joanna Brown — World Wide We

Central to the process was Gary’s listening ears and his big heart.
Being heard at a deep level, with care and respect, was healing, life
giving and nourishing. It enabled fresh energy and direction to flow
into both me and my project. It was important that the process was
emergent: there was no rushing or pushing, instead a natural growth
and coming together of ideas. Oh, and it was great fun too!

I came away with seven words on a stamp that sum up my project: the
fruit of three days exploration. These words are a priceless gift. I
can return to them in an instant when I need focus and direction They
are also a reminder of a precious time of refreshing and renewal and
so carry with them an energy of their own. Finally, they embody a
powerful alignment of the vision and values of my project with who I
am as a person.

Joanna Brown — World Wide We

Erlend Milne — makinggoodproducts.co.uk

“The process is a bit bonkers!!! It became easier when I tried not to second-guess what was happening; and when I did, that’s when something magic happened and has continued to happen every day since.
 What did I get from the workshop? A beautiful change in perspective, and a truth known to myself but not one I had consciously acknowledged, which lead to a question I value and ask myself almost everyday.
 Gary gave me a gift at the end of the workshop, which every time I look at it I remember what it’s like to look at the world from a different position and acts as reminder of what really matters to me”.

Erlend Milne — makinggoodproducts.co.uk

Phil Whitfield — PT Executive

The Doing Good Thinking workshop was life-changing for me. A truly awe-inspiring (and sometimes scary) journey through various level of ‘being’- intellectual, experiential and spiritual.

It was a somewhat ‘Wizard of Oz’ like experience…. if you’re ready for it…. then follow The Yellow Brick Road to the land of Dojo Dunstan, (Japanese meaning of Dojo - “place of the way”).

What did I get out of it?:

1. Lost… then…. found

2. Freedom

3. Truth & insight

4. Greater balance

5. A life-long friend and guide

Phil Whitfield — PT Executive

Nic Fox — Velo Sister

“To be completely honest, when Gary offered to do Doing Good Thinking with me I was sceptical. I thought “Does he not think I’ve already thought about this a lot? I’m an analyst by profession so if anything I think about stuff a little bit TOO much.

But thought I’d give it a try because nobody knows everything and two heads are always better than one. I was far from disappointed. The session was so interesting that the time flew and by the end of it I was clearer about my idea, more confident about it being the right thing for me and had some practical action points to take away with me to get where I wanted to be faster. I left the session buzzing about my idea, more determined than ever and excited about taking Gary’s advice.

If you get the chance to work with Gary then my advice is to grab the opportunity with both hands. Yeah he’s a lovely guy but crikey he knows his stuff too. Thanks Gary”!

Nic Fox — VeloSister

Piotr & Henry — COGMO

This video is a testimonial from Piotr Motyka and Henry Coggin. This is also an interesting story and lesson for anyone in business or an idea for a business.

There are many ‘good ideas’ out there. But here’s a very powerful question I ask… what makes a good idea work?

Your business idea must fulfil your needs. If it doesn’t it’s not a good idea. If it doesn’t it won’t truly work. If it doesn’t work there’s no point doing it. That may sound harsh, but the tail should never wag the dog.

Doing Good Thinking on your idea looks deeper into what you need and what will make your idea work for you. Piotr & Henry had achieved a lot in two and a half years with their Digital Agency after leaving University, but it was time for change. It took courage to step out of the business and ask some big questions about the future.

From the workshop, they identified what they needed and what would work work for them.

In the months that followed they achieved the best turnover ever.

But it’s not just about the money. It quickly became clear that COGMO wasn’t going to be able give them what they needed as individuals. They split up. It was a bit of a shock for both of them. It was an unsettling time for the pair. However, soon after they each found something different that fulfilled their needs and works for them. I helped guide them through this transition. Piotr & Henry remain friends. And I remain friends with them. I think that’s special and inspiring.

Few people in the business world truly understand how precious ideas are and how closely they are linked to where you are in life and your identity. But the answers to what works for you are in you, if you are asked the right questions; if you have the courage to listen.

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