Gary Moore of Premiere Cinemas: Three Reasons to Become a Business Owner

Gary Moore has been a business owner since he was twenty-two years old. He created Cinemore in the 1980s, and then Premiere Cinemas in the 1990s. He enjoys working in the entertainment industry and is interested in a number of related fields. Over the years, Gary Moore has expanded Premiere Cinemas to include two hundred and seventy-eight screens in twenty-five locations across five states. He looks forward to continuing to build his company. There are several benefits involved with being a business owner.

One reason to start your own business is to be able to act with complete autonomy. As a business owner, you will be able to organize and run your business as you see fit. You will have control over the daily operations.

Another reason to become a business owner is to explore innovations in your field. When you start your own business, you can choose to take chances and try something new. You can create a company that is unique in its field.

A third reason to start a business is to challenge yourself. Starting a business is a major feat. It will require hard work as well as passion and dedication. If you want to take on a challenge and achieve a major goal, you may consider starting your own business. Mr. Moore studied at Howard College for two years before pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor. He founded his first company when he was twenty-two years old and began building a career in the entertainment industry. Gary Moore is the owner of Premiere Cinemas in Texas.