Gary Moore: Three Movie Genres and Their Impact

Gary Moore is the current Chief Executive Officer of Premiere Cinemas, which is a company he founded in the 1990s. He is known for his entrepreneurial and investment work, and even started a telecommunications company at twenty-two years old. Here are three popular movie genres, and the impact they can have on viewers of all ages.

Horror films have the ability to make viewers feel more alive. Being scared isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s an experience that’s hard to classify. Horror films do particularly well in theaters because the feelings that arise in the audience. People enjoy the thrill of being scared while watching a movie, and being in a theater makes that feeling all the more enjoyable.

Comedy films have the power to take viewers away from reality. Comedies are feel good movies that can help you get some perspective when it comes to your own troubles. Instead of being bogged down by the stress of your responsibilities, you can escape reality for a few hours and enjoy the decreasing levels of stress. They have been proven to help lower blood pressure and stress hormones.

Romantic films can make you feel nostalgic. Maybe they’ll make you and your significant other feel like you just fell in love all over again, or maybe they’ll make you pine for earlier times when you just started dating your now wife or husband. Whatever it is, expect the emotion to be deep and touching; something you can relate to at all walks of life.

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Gary Moore enjoys working in the cinema industry because he gets to witness the emotional experiences of others.